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WIN a Crafting Package from Island Cabana!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

This is the Prize Package Contents (below)

To enter in the prize draw, please visit our home page and join our mailing list, or better yet, join our Crafty Friends Group (create an account) for access to free downloads and extras! Everyone on our mailing list will be automatically entered in the draw.

Prize value: $170 Drawn: December 10, 2018 #freestuff #winstuff #christmasgift #kidscraft #lastchance Drawn tomorrow! #montessori

This is a tropical dollhouse. With few walls. I’m crafting in the dry tropics , so we have a season where we can preserve palm wood, so lovely for miniatures. (In the wet tropics, it just rots) Our ethos at Island Cabana is to encourage kids to borrow from nature and recycle. Wherever they are in the world. Imagine a life lived outside four walls. Learn about other places. And nature. Inspire them from birth, but our work is definitely not for kids under three years as it contains small and amazing parts.

* The Glamping tent kit is supplied unassembled with simple photographic instructions. This is a friction fit so rarely requires glue to assemble. This means it can also be disassembled for travel. The scale is 1:16-18, the international play scale for children so compatible with Sylvanian Families, Calico Critters, Lundby, Le Toy Van etc. Kids love colour and shape.

* The “Prayer flags” bunting and the boho floor cushions are for quiet time and meditation.

* The tealight campfire is made from tiny volcanic pumice stones collected from our island on the Great Barrier Reef. Light as air volcanic rock. And Australian Casuarina twigs. When the wind blows the casuarinas will sing you to sleep. It’s decorated with sea-washed oyster fragments ( no sharp edges !) and pearls (Safety alert: the tea light contains a replaceable battery. You can only access the battery using a screwdriver to do this. Please take extra care when changing button batteries as small children may eat them).

* The Venetian dressing screen is made from the Fiji Fan palm Prichardia pacifica…….here they are drying by our pool.

Palm fronds drying.

It’s been custom fitted for this tent, so you’ll need to glue it to the tent supports.

* The camp sleeping set has a mat made from the giant Royal Palm Roystonea regia

* The hammock I made just for fun, so little kids can play in the tropics. Straight away.

If you don't win our fabulous prize this year, you can always buy these items and more at our etsy shop!


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